Complete Tooling Facility

March 4, 2019
Early in 2019, C&J increased its engineering and production capabilities with the addition of a complete tool and die production facility. This addition dramatically decreases time to prototype and production, furthering our unsurpassed ability to rapidly meet customer needs.

Historically, C&J’s main focus was producing the highest quality jewelry castings and the accompanying finishing processes. The addition of a stamping facility allows us to more efficiently service our customers’ needs across a complete spectrum of manufacturing techniques, using the most efficient and cost sensitive methods.

Whether it be CNC 3D machining, Wire EDM or tradition machining methods, C&J is equipped to rapidly respond to our customers’ needs. Custom tooling, ensures repeatable production of quality products. Custom designed product specific fixtures enable C&J to provide efficient and consistent delivery of our customers products across our entire manufacturing facilities, both in Providence RI and Costa Rica.