The Neutec

August 1, 2017

The Neutec® J15 casting machine features a re-engineered control computer that improves the speed, efficiency and modularity of the machine. In addition, the J15 is built with the incredible advances in casting technology we call Flowlogic®--an exclusive combination of innovative new technologies. Flowlogic combines several control system developments with an integrated computer-controlled dynamic pressure system to provide consistency and flexibility to your casting processes that, until now, simply weren't possible.

Because the pour is so dependably controlled, you can cast successfully at lower temperatures--ideal for stone-in-place casting processes. The Neutec Advanced Dynamic Computer™ (ADC) and Pulsed Power Stirring™ technologies provide the ultimate simplicity of operation--the fastest possible melting times and consistent melt-and-cast cycles for every alloy and any size load.

Larger flasks reduce metal in process by 20–25%, increase the number of components per cast, and save time on the production line with smoother surfaces and fewer defects. In production tests, the average flask-to-flask casting cycle is less than three and a half minutes--producing about 20 flasks per hour. And 100-gram pours benefit from the same precise and efficient melting program as does a full-capacity pour.

ADC adaptive programming automatically adjusts power and frequency thousands of times per second and maintains a metal profile for each metal you cast, improving the timing and precision of the profile every time you cast that metal.