Mission Statement

The C&J Jewelry Co., Inc. is a privately held, family owned manufacturing company dedicated to:

  1. Expanding our position as a fully integrated, world-class custom jewelry manufacturer for major US and international designers and retailers.

  2. Our ultimate goal is to provide our Customers with the highest quality products and a consistently reliable level of service, by way of:

    • Rapid new product prototyping
    • Pro-active product development and process engineering
    • Mass volume production
    • Uncompromising commitment to our customer's stringent quality requirements
    • Value oriented pricing, aimed at meeting our customer's targeted price points
    • On time delivery and ongoing customer service excellence

  3. For our employees, we strive to create a safe working environment that recognizes and rewards creativity, initiative and dedication. 

  4. Our commitment to the existing environmental laws and regulations and our dedication to environmental improvements in the communities in which we do business is a main focus of our daily operations.